Support prices

That’s a very common question and unlike some other IT Support companies, we are happy to give you a straight answer.

Flexible and affordable PAYG support

You can pay for your support as you go with no monthly costs or fee's. Simply pay when you need us. Our prices are among the most competitive in Scotland.



Price includes call out and first hour, additional hours are changed at £69 per hour. Price excludes VAT.

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Purchase IT hours in advance and save

Purchase 5 or more hours of support in advance and get a 20% discount. This is the best and most cost-efficient option if you do not require a fully comprehensive contract.

Block of hours

Discount 20%

Must be purchased in advance of any incident.

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Remote assistance and support

Our customers love the comfort that comes with knowing most issues can be resolved within a few moments by remote support.



Price includes first 15 minutes, additional minutes are changed at £29 per 15 minutes. Price excludes VAT.

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